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ISO 41001 Facility Management Systems

The Genesis of a New Era

To coincide with ISO World Standards Day on 13 October, watch this video on why you need to get onboard with the ISO 41000 series of Facility Management standards. Watch interviews with Stan Mitchell and Duncan Waddell, past-chairman and chairman respectively of the ISO Technical Committee on Facility Management as they explain the importance of…
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Why is an SLA so important?

The international standard, ISO 41001 Facility Management – Management Systems, is one of a growing number of management system standards. Its publication comes many years after the first management system standard on quality and others concerned with the environment and energy, for example. While the requirements are broadly the same across all management system standards,…
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Making sense of requirements in standards

Most standards are basically of two types – those that specify requirements and those that provide recommendations and guidance. ISO 41001 Facility Management Systems is of the first type, but with guidance to support the requirements. Those requirements are mandatory, but the guidance is not and is there to explain and elaborate on what shall…
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Beware of geeks bearing certificates

As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. While not as widespread as diploma and degree mills in higher education, certificate mills producing impressive-looking ISO-styled certificates on quality, environmental and energy management are on the rise. Why spend months implementing a new management system to improve your facility…
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Risks come in two varieties – threat and opportunity

A risk is an event that might or might not occur. If it has occurred or will occur, it is not a risk but an issue to be dealt with as a part of day-to-day facility management. There are two kinds of risk: downside risks, commonly referred to as threats, and upside risks, which are…
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Fast-track your organization’s development

FMS Audit offers a one-stop, competitively priced service that helps you establish, maintain, update and improve a Facility Management System (FMS) to help run your organization. All the materials that you need are provided online. The most important part is an FMS Manual which is, in effect, a handbook that shows you what you are…
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FMs join the best

The publication of the international standard ISO 41001 Facility Management – Management Systems, has helped to elevate the FM industry to the highest level in management terms. ISO 41001 is a recent addition to ISO’s management system standards (MSS) and sits alongside ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 50001 Energy…
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